About Company


Headquartered in the US and with a regional office in Coimbatore, we stand apart from our competitors by having a mission that ensures the timely delivery of whatever we promise. Established in 2015, we empower our clients with a wide range of organized strategies with respect to the big data that will do wonders for their business.


At our roots, as a team, we are unified by five major principles namely people, technology, transformation, deliverables, and customer delight. Apart from the big data sector, we are also inclined to
• Develop the right software solutions that will enhance your business
• As a web development company, we are here to develop unique and attractive websites that can stand on its own bringing in more visitors thus generating more potential business leads
• Giving a face value to your brand in the public arena with our branding and software services, which will make your business to stand apart from your competitors

The One Data Advantage

The currency, the fuel however you call it, for the internet, it all goes synonymous with one thing, DATA. One Data as an IT company exists here for a purpose that is to help your business in gaining the momentum, the push that only arrives as a result of the following technical activities. Capturing and storing data, analyzing them in the most efficient way possible, searching and sharing hidden treasures of it, transferring the knowledge of the same, visualizing the obtained
data, querying and updating with respect to privacy and source. To be precise, we are unlocking the potential already inherited by your data, only to
• Help your business to achieve goals
• Recommend tangible solutions that will do wonders for your business
• Recommend plans with a better ROI enabling quick progress and growth

At One Data, our day rolls with a conscious effort to increase your revenue, saving on your marketing budget, enhancing your customer service, etc. We are giving you the power to do a more informed business, helping you to tap and make the most out of the contemporary business tools we are building in our labs. We are always one-step ahead of the traditional analytical software systems that fail when the magnitude of the data goes beyond the limits.

Your needs and our deliverables align with each other.
We should understand that no two businesses are the same. Irrespective of operating in the same sector, the process and the approach of every corporate body heavily differs from every other competitor. To suit that, having a customized software solution for your business is the need of the hour. For example, if there are four different parameters to be considered before taking a decision, we bring them under a single cluster with the help of our simplified software tools and the in-depth experience of our development team thus saving more time and cost. Rather than considering it as a unique and personalized tool for your business, we are building it as an asset for your business that will yield fruitful benefits in no time.
Apart from business aiding tools, we are also capable of bringing life to your product ideas that can be converted into a viable business tool. We are constantly evolving as a state-of-the-art product development company known for building products that can be made into a business model generating revenue.

Giving more power to your brand and helping it to rediscover itself.
As we are into building completely customized and leading-edge business tools, crafting a unique and attractive website or creating a logical and attractive brand identity for your business also stands as one of our fortes. Apart from making it in line with the current trends in terms of design, we are making it completely robust and adaptable so that it will stand on its own. For example, as a SEO company, with our SEO services, we can bring life to the created websites by bringing more unique visitors every day. With our proper monitoring tools and crucial in-depth parameter analyzers, making this new website to work for your business is now easier than ever. Rather than developing it as a ‘brand presence online prototype’, we are literally making it as an investment that will bring profits for you in no time. Our team of developers is capable of building sites and creating brand identities that will stand apart and for a long time.

Reduce expenses, augment with innovation & unlock better possibilities.
Irrespective of your business goals, capitalizing on cloud computing is a significant decision you should take to move your business to the next level. The arena of the cloud computing is expanding day by day and when the canvas gets bigger and bigger, making the choice becomes both critical and difficult for your business. This is where we hop in and provide a thorough analysis of the changes, risks, and opportunities that are set to happen in the near future. Our cloud consulting services supports you throughout your decision-making process by providing evaluations explored with the right tools we have. The right questions are asked here to help you accomplish the preset goals of your business.