New to Google Shopping Insights Tools? Here’s What You Need to Know

New Version Of Google Shopping Insights

We are in an era, where the entire world is covered with digital layers of data and whatever we do can be stored today as our digital footprint. These footprints are nothing but a mammoth data that can be treated as a costly currency by the curious digital marketers.

They are ready to sell/buy data that can determine user behavior in any form. To uncover this magic, Google is offering a sophisticated tool from its own stable in the name of Google Shopping Insights. It reveals several relevant data on search trends or Google search insights to be precise.

This will aid in determining the key factors in activities like Google Adwords. With the new and updated Shopping Insights tool, Google really did justice to its tagline ‘Think with Google’.

Came online last month, this new Google shopping insights tool is an attempt to level the game with the numerous third-party tools born over the past few years to discover google insights. This google shopping tool serves as a magnifying glass to uncover the popular products and brands particularly in the US as of now.

If numbers have to be provided, with this tool one can access the data for more than 55,000 products and 45,000 brands, which are clustered under 5000 categories. There is no catch here, as this google shopping insights tool is completely free.

What’s new?

What is fun in getting hands on the data we need in its raw format?

How about comparing two sets of data belonging to different brands and products?

Yes, this time the Google Shopping insights tool helps us to compare the popularity for searches within a specific category. Advertisers can also access season-based data so that they can foretell the demand individually.


Think with GoogleWhy stopping at just this instance, when we can have more fun?

How about generating personalized weekly/monthly reports on the products/services/categories, 

Do we care about?

As of now, we can create up to 10 weekly and monthly email reports and this will allow us not to miss the current happenings in the buying/searching behavior of the users. This new Shopping Insights Tool is now available on desktop and mobile.

Let us explore the data and develop more business in a healthy manner.

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