Medstartr is one of a kind crowdfunding platform specially made for the healthcare related startups.


This is a connecting platform for the Healthcare innovators and Corporates. This introduces the innovators with the best ideas to the corporates who are ready to invest on the same. Since the target audience here is two-dimensioned, this website should give answers to both of them.


Capable of delivering high performance, MySQL is best suited for the database. Its on-demand scalability allows complete customization with unique database server requirements. For the backend support, we decided to go with the open source PHP web framework Laravel. It is the ideal pick for the development of this web application. Coinciding with that, the frontend choice will be obviously the Laravel Blade. It is a simple, yet powerful templating engine driven by templates and sections.


Unlike the previous websites, this one needs a corporatish, yet convincing outlook to reflect the emotions namely trust and empathy. Medstartr with its textbook designs and layout delivers exactly the same.

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