Melbourne’s Cheapest Vans



As the name implies, this site offers used yet quality automobiles for a cheap price. This site is to connect the ideal leads and the functioning is similar to our local selling sites.


Even though the site is to empower local businesses on a selected target area, the end users of the site are still the public. The challenge here lies is to connect the local business owners and local nonprofit organizations to their community. It is more of a combination of Yellow Pages and eCommerce.


Since, here the search option plays a key role, for the database we decided to go with Apache Solr, an open source enterprise search platform. It is the ideal tool for full-text search, faceted search, real-time indexing and dynamic clustering. For the frontend, we picked React Redux. Redux works well with libraries like React and it is a helpful tool to build simple to-do tasks.


With an attractive blue tint and simple navigation systems and a database, which demands the exact and useful photographs of the used vehicles, this website has served its purpose.

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