Advertisement/Yellow Pages/eCommerce


To create a one of a kind advertisement website where something like a community can be built. SnagMob caters its services such as direct mail, customized content and digital marketing automation.


Even though the site is to empower local businesses on a selected target area, the end users of the site are still the public. The challenge here lies is to connect the local business owners and local nonprofit organizations to their community. It is more of a combination of Yellow Pages and eCommerce.


Again, for the database, MySQL is the perfect choice, because it is available at a reduced total cost of ownership with complete flexibility. Since it is for the local business, its Round the clock uptime can be handy. For the backend, WooCommerce by WordPress is again the ideal choice. It powers 30% of all online stores and it can be easily altered to suit this business model. The site might be loaded with many images and loads of texts. In addition, since it is a local business site, the navigations should be seamless and user-friendly. To suit that, and to give a rich and colorful look, Bootstrap/Jquery will be helpful.


A one of a kind seamlessly integrated and powerfully navigated site has been delivered. Various animations showing variety of content including ads and information is the talk of the town when it was established.

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