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branding agency faced challenges with file limits, plugin updates, and scalability on their cPanel hosting. AWS provided a solution with EC2 auto-scaling, Route 53, and more, improving performance and scalability.

The Situation experienced file storage limitations, plugin update issues, and scalability constraints with their cPanel hosting. They needed a solution to overcome these challenges and ensure high availability.
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Describe TCO Analysis Performed:
Yes, a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis was conducted to compare the cost-effectiveness of AWS hosting with cPanel.

Lessons Learned:
The migration to AWS required careful planning and testing to minimize disruptions. Regular backups and monitoring are essential for optimal AWS performance.
Reduced downtime and improved user experience.
Achieved high availability with EC2 auto-scaling.
Enhanced security through AWS Inspector.
Resolved file storage limitations and plugin update issues.
Improved website performance and scalability.

Outcomes of Project
& Success Metrics:

SSL Certificate (ACM): Ensure secure connections for
AWS Inspector: Identify and address security vulnerabilities.
CloudTrail: Capture API calls for auditing and insights.
CloudWatch: Monitor performance metrics and trigger auto-scaling actions as needed.
EBS Volumes: Utilize attached EBS volumes for file storage and database management.
EC2 Auto-Scaling: Set up EC2 instances with auto-scaling to handle varying website traffic.
Route 53: Implement Route 53 for DNS management, ensuring efficient traffic routing.
Migrate to AWS: Move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for greater flexibility and scalability.

Proposed Solution
and Architecture

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