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Vessellog faced challenges in effectively managing visitor data and ensuring maritime security due to the lack of a standardized system across its vessels. Additionally, their existing infrastructure posed constraints, hindering their ability to modernize efficiently.

Proposed Solution & Architecture:

To address these challenges, Vessellog implemented DevOps practices, leveraging AWS services such as EC2 instances and Virtual Private Clouds. The architecture involved transforming image hosting and delivery processes using AWS S3, enhancing user engagement. GitHub actions were employed for automating deployment processes, ensuring reliability and streamlining operations. Infrastructure as code was elevated through Terraform, with vigilant monitoring facilitated by AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch, ensuring a seamless and scalable environment. The backend application ran on API Gateway and Lambda functions.
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Infrastructure as code, exemplified by the use of Terraform, facilitates efficient management and scalability of infrastructure components.
Monitoring and vigilance, as ensured by AWS CloudTrail and CloudWatch, are essential for maintaining a secure and reliable environment.
Leveraging cloud services such as AWS can provide scalable solutions for infrastructure challenges.
Automation, particularly through tools like GitHub Actions, is crucial for accelerating delivery cycles and improving user experiences.

Lessons Learned:

These outcomes directly contributed to driving business growth for Vessellog.
Success metrics included enhanced user engagement, faster delivery cycles enabled by CI/CD pipelines set up using GitHub Actions, and improved scalability of the platform.
The implementation of the proposed solution led to significant improvements in efficiency and security for Vessellog.

Outcomes of Project & Success Metrics:

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