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SednaGlobal's Success with VesselLog

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Introduction: Elevating Standards with FTR SAS Integration In response to SednaGlobal's explicit request for a qualified software solution, our collaboration began with a commitment to excellence. Seeking a Software as a Service (SAS) solution that met the highest standards, our team initiated a comprehensive FTR SAS product review. This review seamlessly aligned with AWS security best practices within a well-architected framework. The client explicitly requested qualified software. Our solution involved a meticulous FTR SAS product review, incorporating AWS security best practices within a well-architected framework.

The Situation

Enhancing Maritime Security Before the implementation of VesselLog, SednaGlobal grappled with challenges in efficiently managing visitor data, ensuring maritime security, and lacked a standardized system across its vessels. These challenges prompted the need for a comprehensive solution to enhance security protocols and streamline visitor management practices.
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Centralized Management System Implementation VesselLog, as a new implementation, replaced manual visitor logs and various fragmented security systems, introducing a standardized and centralized solution across SednaGlobal's entire maritime fleet.
It brought about streamlined visitor management, a significant reduction in security incidents, improved visitor tracking, faster response times, and increased user satisfaction across SednaGlobal's entire fleet.
The implementation of VesselLog resulted in a paradigm shift in maritime security for SednaGlobal.

Outcomes of Project
& Success Metrics:

The integration of FTR SAAS added an extra layer of certification and reliability to the solution.
Leveraging key AWS services such as Lambda, RDS (Postgres), API Gateway, EC2 instances, and S3 for scalable and secure data storage, the architecture was meticulously tailored to meet SednaGlobal's unique maritime needs.
VesselLog, a cloud-based application hosted on AWS, emerged as the optimal solution.

Proposed Solution
and Architecture

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