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OneCare is an intuitive platform created to mediate between Hospitals, Doctors, and patients. OneCare app allows remote connectivity between patients and medical service providers. Through OneCare, individuals can access advanced lifestyle care Programs and services.

The Situation

OneCare's development is initiated to serve as a connecting platform for
healthcare providers and patients.
staff augmentation
The app integrates several features to facilitate easy connectivity between doctors, patients, and healthcare institutes. Therefore, the development procedure faced several challenges in creating a successful product. OneCare app will allow customers to connect with doctors and healthcare service providers via various communication means such as video calls, telecommunication, and text messages. Therefore, development procedures went through the challenge of integrating the required communication modes. The app must also provide immediate invoices for offered services, provide online payment options, and automatically add additional services to the bills. If a person uses the OneCare app to access family care services, the app must maintain family records. The app must also provide direct inputs from hospitals in case of emergency and to avoid the waiting period for senior patients.
The platform allows patients to find out which doctors are available and schedule in-person or virtual appointments. Through routine remote health monitoring, individualized healthcare recommendations, and surveys, patients can save up to 50% on their medical bills.
By making it easier to schedule appointments in advance, OneCare has helped patients and doctors save a significant amount of time.
Care teams can assess a patient's recovery status, monitor pain, guarantee optimal health, and quickly offer individualized care plans by replicating some clinical workflow procedures within the OneCare platform and automating many of those steps.
The workload of the hospital's care staff is reduced, and patient involvement has been improved with the help of OneCare.
The medical personnel are informed whenever a patient's symptoms change, enabling them to promptly modify the treatment plan and lower the risk of adverse outcomes.
The user-friendly OneCare app invites patients to complete medical surveys and other prescribed questionnaires and symptom assessments.
OneCare platform allows continuous patient monitoring and vitals tracking via a patient's preferred smart devices, enhancing patient engagement and programme adherence.

Outcomes of Project
& Success Metrics:

The app significantly boosts patient involvement while reducing adverse outcomes by enabling connected care delivery across any clinical condition, patient profile, and treatment plan. People, businesses, and healthcare facilities can select from pre-packaged remote care programmes that can be modified.
While upholding high standards of care and patient satisfaction, OneCare can accommodate the expanding need for remote patient monitoring and care. Personalized remote care specialists and workflows may be deployed quickly and easily using the OneCare platform.
AWS services enable OneCare to run an app that delivers a great customer experience. By overcoming development challenges, OneCare can now provide services via its mobile app to individuals, families, doctors, and hospitals without additional charges.
Capable of delivering high performance, the development team created the app using primary AWS services to provide on-demand access to application servers, storage, databases, content delivery, cache, search, and other application services.

Proposed Solution
and Architecture

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