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ODeX stands for Online Documents Exchange. It is India’s first Digital Platform for Online Documents Exchange & Payments Facilitation for Ocean Shipping Industry & EXIM trade. ODeX was started with a mission to transform the Indian Ocean Shipping Industry from a pen & paper compound to an easy click solution, managing multiple aspects of the EXIM trade.

The Situation

Implement technical upgrade for the existing application
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Proposed Solution
and Architecture

Comprehensive set of technology changes and improvements planned for the technical upgrade of the ODeX application.
Automating deployment processes helps ensure consistency, reduces deployment time, and minimizes the chances of errors during deployment.
Eliminating Tomcat session replication can simplify the application architecture, reduce complexity, and potentially improve performance. Consider using other session management approaches like sticky sessions or using session stores.
Migrating from Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) to Amazon S3 for file storage can provide cost savings and improved scalability, especially for storing large amounts of data.
Profiling involves analyzing application performance to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement. This can help optimize resource utilization and response times.
Analyze the exceptions being logged to identify recurring issues. Addressing these issues can lead to a more stable application and improved user experience.
Implementing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) processes ensures that code changes are automatically tested and deployed. This reduces manual errors, increases development velocity, and ensures a consistent build and deployment pipeline.
Switching to a messaging service like Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) can help decouple components and improve application scalability and responsiveness through asynchronous processing.
Camel is a powerful integration framework. A review and redesign could involve optimizing routes, simplifying configurations, and improving the overall efficiency of message processing.

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